Keny Arkana - Madame la Marquise

Nominated for Best Music Video

Directed by

Jeremi Durand

4' • France • 2018

Jeremi Durand's powerful video for French rapper Keny Arkana imagines a near-future society at breaking point. Referencing the sentiment of wilful blinkeredness when the world around you is going to hell – as expressed in Paul Misraki’s 1935 song from which it takes its title - Arkana's Madame la Marquise calls out modern society’s indifference to the destructive path we’re on. That's brought vividly to life by Durand through the use of faceless almost humanoid dancers, a deserted cityscape, and the freedom expressed through a drifting BMW contrained within huge barriers arranged in a square. The intensity is heightened by the clever use of stock footage and VFX.